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Konavle region and Cavtat tourist INFO

Konavle region and Cavtat tourist INFO

 History and position Konavle region is located on the southern part of Croatia, it has been bought by the Dubrovnikans in the 15th century. Konavle are specific for its two faces, the underside is a rugged and beautiful Adriatic Sea, and on top Konavle hills, beautiful nature and landscape, tradition preserved in people who recognize the folklore, costumes, and specific embroidery known for its beauty.

The name derives from the name Konavle canalis, which means the channel that brought water to Epidaurus (Cavtat). Cavtat is the only town in Konavle, located on peninsulas Rat and Sustjepan, and together form one bay. Epidaurus was a Roman colony, and at the time of fall of the Western Roman Empire, its inhabitants are fleeing in Dubrovnik today. In the past, Cavtat was the second most important port in the region, trade and port. Cavtat is a small town, rich in history and culture, with excellent tourist attractions, beaches, and of course beautiful and clean sea.

Given that it is in close proximity of Dubrovnik and Konavle, I think that every tourist can fill his time in Cavtat and that his holidays are truly unforgettable. Cilipi Airport, located at 5 kilometers from Cavtat, which is another advantage to avio tourists to visit our beautiful town on the southern Croatia.

 Accommodation in Cavtat and Konavle:

Various from hotels, camps and private accommodation:
Hotels: Hotel Croatia -, Hotel Supetar -, Hotel Iberostar Albatros -, Hotel Iberostar Epidaurus -, Hotel Cavtat -, Hotel Villa Pattiera -, Hotel Major -, Hotel Casttelleto -

Kamps: Auto Kamp Monika -, Auto kamp Marineno -, Auto camp adriatic 1 and Auto camp Adriatic 2.

 Private accommodation: Super-Apartments

Tourist Events in Cavtat and Konavle:

Cavtat Summer - an event that takes place during the period from late June to early September. Lots of interesting concerts at the summer open-air stage. I think every tourist will find something for himself. From classical music to traditional dances, dancers, etc. All events are free for tourists.
Epidaurus Festival - which includes mostly dramatic content, quality content, concert performances by famous artists from around the world, also those who are less known, young artists, which gives the opportunity to demonstrate their quality.
Konavle festival, music and words - is interesting because the program is running in more places of Konavle, and because it is so much closer to the cultural expression of all the people in this region. However carnivals that are running in Cavtat are definitely the oldest and most famous events in this region. It is believed that the carnival runs for almost 100 years ago, during the lifetime of Bukovac. Summer carnival in Cavtat offers plenty of fun for everyone. The whole waterfront becomes one big stage, where everyone can find definitely is a good time.

Recreational tourism in Cavtat In addition to the cultural content, Cavtat and Konavle offers recreational entertainment. It is recommended for those tourists who want an active vacation, scuba diving, given that the Adriatic Sea is wonderful for research, it makes it a very popular destination for divers. Very interestingly, the most well-known in the Adriatic, is near the islands of Cavtat. You can see the sunken ships, walls, amphorae and other beauty that dates back to ancient times.

Konavle is also the perfect place to explore by bike, so if you come on vacation in Cavtat and love to ride a bicycle, i advise you to rent and enjoy driving bicikle trough Konavle. You have a couple of possible routes that are perfect for the rideand is just up to you to choose which suits you best. Short tour of Cavtat to Čilipi, nearly 10 km, and longer is the Cilipi Pridvorje approximately 25 km. I believe you will like and that you will enjoy the beautiful landscape of perfect Konavle.

Besides biking and light hiking course, we would recommend a tourist who likes challenges and adventure to try free climbing. For more information look Recommendations for tourists what they should visit during their stay in Cavtat: V. Bukovac birth house, the most famous Croatian painter, house was built in the typical style of local construction. Mausoleum, family Račić, an interesting type of mausoleum construction in Brački stone. Rector's Palace, Franciscan Monastery. The beaches in Cavtat are mainly rocky, the sea is crystaly clear and the climate is mild Mediterranean.

Enjoy your holiday in Cavtat.

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