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Island Lokrum - Dubrovnik

Lokrum – Your piece of heaven near Dubrovnik

A beautiful green island, just outside the old city of Dubrovnik, definitely to recommend every tourist on vacation in Dubrovnik. Whether you're with children and want a perfect day with a picnic and swimming, or having a peaceful walk in a botanical garden, it is the perfect choice for you to visit Lokrum. Lokrum is easy to reach with boat-line from the harbor in old city of Dubrovnik. Boat goes very often, in the summer months every half hour.

 Lokrum also has a rich history, and here you can visit the abandoned Benedictine monastery, Fort Royal and the Dead Sea. Lokrum is a very popular also in naturism, so if you like to be naked and surrounded with beautiful nature and clean sea, you must visit Lokrum eastside. 

Legends of Lokrum:

Regarding Island of Lokrum, as a tourist you can be impressed with the legends that are being mentioned for years in the speech of old Dubrovnik people. One of them starts around year 1023. when the Dubrovnik after the fire, vowed to build a church or a monastery to St. Benedikt, if he saves Dubrovnik. The fire was extinguished with the help of the Holy Benedict, however, the French entered into the city, Napoleon was banished all Benedictines from Lokrum, however angry Benedictines have circled three times around the island with a candle and cursed him, let him be accursed every next owner of the island, then left for ever. Subsequent owners have ended tragically. It will always remain unexplained, all tragic accidents that happened to its subsequent owners.

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That curse of the island is still living there, a spirit recently appeared, and even allowed to be photographed in a restaurant on Lokrum. Maybe he was just hungry J. Also fascinating fact is that Lokrum during the war in Croatia, has never been hit by a rack flamed, although was attacked many times, but was preserved in all its beauty. There is also a legend that would certainly be most likely interested to the English tourist and this is the one about King Richard the Lion-heart, he was saved on Lokrum, with the last crusade, and in gratitude he gave money to build a church of St. Salvation, however, local convinces him to give money for the cathedral in Dubrovnik, because it sees the exact position of his salvation. It is also interesting that the Fort Royal was built by Napoleon, to General Marmont, when French entered Dubrovnik in deceit.
Oasis just outside Dubrovnik

I suggest to a tourist in Dubrovnik, visiting Lokrum, because it really provides a wonderful compound of green oases and pure sea . Untouched jewel of the Adriatic. You can refresh yourself with a cold lemonade on your arrival to the island on nearby caffe bar, and during the day enjoying the seafood specialties of local restaurants. The day will surely be completed. Enjoy and breathe the cleanest air your will find.
This vacation in Dubrovnik, surely you will never forget.

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