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Dubrovnik tourist information



Beautiful city of Dubrovnik on the Croatian south, is proud of its beauty, rich history and cultural heritage. Recognized for its walls and towers, I believe that every tourist will remain stunned by its beauty and splendor after so many years. 

Dubrovnik and its surrounding area has close to 45 000 inhabitants and is the center of Dubrovnik-Neretva county. In the list of UNESCO Heritage is placed in 1979. Dubrovnik is in the Middle Ages was the Dubrovnik Republic, and was for many years an offset between the Ottoman empire and other Venetian republic. Dubrovnik inhabitants were very able merchants, at that time they managed to retain the freedom to trade throughout the Ottoman Empire, paying tribute to the Turks. 

Trade and shipping were the main development branch of the Dubrovnik Republic. 1667 years Dubrovnik was destroyed by a strong earthquake which brought great losses, and with discovery of America weakens its importance in trade. Dubrovnik has a very rich history and I believe that every tourist who is interested in a deeper story of Dubrovnik, by just walking Stradun or walls could feel the spirit of time still hidden under the stone.

Accommodation in Dubrovnik: 

Hotels from 2 to 5 stars, private accommodation, hostels or camps in Dubrovnik. You as a tourist have to make a choice.

Tourist sights in Dubrovnik:

Looking with the eyes of tourists, I would recommend the most interesting sights of this city. But first let me explain how to get to the Old town. When a tourist goes off the Cruiser in our port of Gruž and head towards the old town, first I advise you to either go by taxi or bus no.1. First Dubrovnik is a very small town, you will find it relatively easy to walk ll around the town, or if you prefer to hire a scooter, that could be an excellent solution for young people. Big problem of this city is a big traffic jams in mid-season. With the arrival on pile, the first bus stop near the main entrance to the old town, called Pile gate, take a walk to a nearby park in which there is a small beach just under the small bridge, from where you can see astonishing view to a beautiful tower Lovrijenac, someone might be interesting a fact that the scenes of the film series Game of thrones were taken exactly at that point.

Returning to the main street Stradun, I believe that you will enjoy nice ice cream on a hot summer day, and coffee in the shade of the popular cafe bars in Stradun.

How to fill time on your vacation in Dubrovnik?


So here are some guidelines. If you're one of those tourists who want to better know the history of Dubrovnik, the first course, we suggest the walls and its beautiful towers, Minčeta, Bokar, St. John Lawrence, Revelin. Next we recommend you to look Dubrovnik cathedral, church of St. Blaise, Franjevčki Monastery, Church of Friars Minor, the Dominican monastery, the Rector's Palace, Sponza. Night walk would surely be on Stradun or Porporela. On the main street you will definitely need to see two beautiful Onofrio fountains, and Orlando's Column. I think you would not be enough either 10 annual holidays to look all that Dubrovnik offers in its cultural treasures. Nightlife in Dubrovnik during few last years is certainly richer and more diverse. The evening begins in local bars, i do not want to reccomend any, let me just advice go and listen the music wich suits you best, Trubadur for example is very popular for its singing and playing on open, so it may amuze you a bit more. Later a nightclub on East West, opened type of night club, very modern and good music, it is located on famous beach Banje or Revelin disco bar (In fort Revelin).

With outings and hikes i believe that your vacation in Dubrovnik could only be complete with swimming and sunbathing on beautiful beaches, clear blue sea, which is ultimately the basis of recognition of Dubrovnik in the world. Apart from the nearest beach which is located just outside the old town (Banje), located some 10 minutes walk, tourist in Dubrovnik could wish to see something else than a typical rocky beach, in which case my recommendation is  going to a new part of Dubrovnik, Lapad center with a numerous of beaches and cafes, a perfect place to spend your afternoon.

In this short lines, your vacation in Dubrovnik either staying one or two weeks, we guarantee a good time and certainly great bronze tan. Enjoy the city of St. Blaise.

In the next blog read more about the magical and damned island of Lokrum just in front of old town of Dubrovnik.

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